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Our Objective

Our objective at Advanced Purchasing Dynamics, Inc. is precise and tangible - we help clients optimize purchasing processes and organizations to significantly reduce material costs. Founded with the mission of helping companies profoundly expand their procurement skills, our Plymouth, Michigan-based consultancy works with manufacturing-oriented companies throughout the Midwest. We achieve accelerated and sustainable reductions in material costs while developing and strengthening your purchasing organizations.

SYRE Knowledge Based Sourcing
SYRE is a knowledge-based purchasing software tool that serves as a central command center for material cost management. With SYRE, purchasers can know that they are buying at the right should-be prices, identify material cost risks and opportunities, and focus the team on delivering the Material Cost Business Plan. By connecting processes, data, and people, SYRE advances purchasing knowledge across the entire organization.
In addition to being a standalone product offering for customers, SYRE is the enabler for APD’s Strategic Cost Reduction and True Cost Modeling solutions.

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