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Nearshoring to Mexico in 2024 – Blog
Nearshoring to Mexico continues to offer significant advantages for North American manufacturers, particularly in terms of supply chain resilience, reduced lead times, and potential cost savings.

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Finding Capable Suppliers in Mexico
With the rapid surge of nearshoring activities, finding suppliers in Mexico has become increasingly challenging for manufacturers. In this webinar, we shared lessons learned from successfully identifying capable and willing Mexican suppliers in 2023 and 2024.



Twenty years ago, our founder, Jeoff Burris, had a vision. He saw the need for collaboration between buyers and suppliers. He knew it was time for better procurement strategies. And he understood that cost engineering and robust procurement solutions would carry out his vision.​ His vision grew into Advanced Purchasing Dynamics (APD).​

From the very beginning, APD has worked to improve purchasing performance and to save money with implementing best procurement practices through consulting, training and software. Our successes multiplied.​ Click for more information.

APD helps clients make purchasing a competitive advantage through consulting, training and software.

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