About Us

Twenty years ago, our founder, Jeoff Burris, had a vision. He saw the need for collaboration between buyers and suppliers. He knew it was time for better procurement strategies. And he understood that cost engineering and robust procurement solutions would carry out his vision.​ His vision grew into Advanced Purchasing Dynamics (APD).​

From the very beginning, APD has worked to improve purchasing performance and to save money with implementing best procurement practices through consulting, training and software. Our successes multiplied.​

Jeoff’s vision and the company’s goal are to provide robust processes that sustain positive improvements. The results of our innovative and multi-faceted approach are decreased costs and improved bottom lines for companies in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, medical products and more.​

Most recently, our vision has taken us to Seoul and Los Angeles, in addition to our extensive work in the U.S. Midwest. From entrepreneurs wanting to bring their inventions to market, to multibillion-dollar corporations seeking to improve their bottom-line performance, we have leveraged our business model and our vision to give our clients solid results and streamlined processes.​

​We are Advanced Purchasing Dynamics.​