APD Experts

APD Experts are highly experienced purchasing professionals available for part-time and short-term assignments. You can benefit from substantial savings when APD Experts work under your direction – as opposed to an APD-managed project – with billing rates that are considerably lower than our consulting rates.

Here are some highlights from recent engagements that demonstrate the significant value our talented professionals have brought to our clients:

  • Automotive Supplier: With their proficiency in resourcing in sourcing complex commodities, our specialist achieved an impressive 58% annual savings for a metal components project. By identifying alternative suppliers, optimizing logistics, and negotiating favorable contracts, they significantly enhanced cost efficiency.
  • Commercial Truck Supplier: Our expert achieved $6 million (8%) savings by leading a steel category cost reduction project. Through strategic negotiations, supplier consolidation, and process optimization, they positively impacted the client’s bottom line.
  • Automotive Supplier: Our expert led a resins and rubber components price change mitigation project, recently implementing savings of over $1 million. By proactively navigating price fluctuations, they ensured the supplier maintained profitability while mitigating cost impacts.
  • Automotive OEM: In a market test of stamped components, our skilled specialist identified $2 million (15%) savings. Through supplier analysis and optimized sourcing strategies, they enhanced cost efficiency without compromising quality.
  • Commercial Truck EV Manufacturer: Our dedicated professional implemented over $100,000 cost avoidance by leading a project to source electronics and accessory batteries. By leveraging their extensive network and negotiation skills, they delivered significant savings for the client.
  • Automotive Supplier: By leading a market test for corrugated packaging, our seasoned professional identified a substantial 20% annual savings. Through meticulous analysis of suppliers, service levels, and price comparisons, they implemented an optimized packaging solution, generating significant cost reductions.

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