Building and Using Should-Be Cost Models

Your goal is to understand what a purchased component should cost before sending an RFQ. The solution is our Building and Using Should-Be Cost Models course.

This training course reveals the benefits of proactive, data-driven cost management and uses real-word cases to help buyers apply this knowledge to their daily negotiations.

Participants understand how to use component design and costing information to build should-be cost models:

  • Simple/fast rule-of-thumb models
  • Statistically based models developed from aggregating and analyzing supplier detailed cost breakdowns
  • Design and attribute models that can be used with or without detailed cost breakdowns from suppliers
  • Transparency/open book cost models developed from collecting and analyzing data from supplier shop floors

Participants receive Excel-based take away tools including:

  • Rule-of-thumb worksheet
  • Statically based cost model
  • Regression-based attribute model calculator
  • Commodity cost evaluation tool

Attendees receive 8 professional Continuing Education Units.

Optimize your performance. Maximize your cost management. Succeed in today’s environment.

Accomplish all three by joining us for APD’s skill development course.