Commodity Leadership

Building and implementing effective commodity strategies to align suppliers with your company’s strategic vision.

The APD Commodity Leadership Certification Program is a 4-month development program designed to provide purchasing professionals with the knowledge, skills and take-away tools required to align suppliers and their resources to the strategic direction of their companies. The program not only provides proven methods but guides participants through a step-by-step process allowing methods to be put into practice immediately. Participants leave the program with not only a certification but tangible improvements in commodity management.

In the program, participants learn:

  • How to establish measurable commodity objectives that reflect company goals using the proven SMART format
  • How to harness the power of cross functional teams to deliver commodity objectives
  • An analysis process to assess which party has the power in the buy-sell relationship and develop strategies to improve buy side power

Participants walk away with excel-based tools for:

  • Commodity management storyboard template
  • Customer/supplier power evaluation matrix
  • Ideal supplier profile and evaluation

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