APD Services to Support Mexico Sourcing

After decades of rapidly increasing the amount of sourcing in Asia, U.S. manufacturers are accelerating efforts to reduce costs and shorten their supply chains by “nearshoring” to Mexico.  APD supports customer efforts with our team of experienced purchasing professionals with the right combination of skills, including:

  • Mexican business culture knowledge and Spanish fluency
  • Relevant industry experience including automotive and appliances
  • Commodity knowledge and cost expertise
  • Highly skilled purchasing support based in Mexico

Past projects to support Mexico sourcing have ranged from quick and simple supplier identification to complex, ongoing support of relocated operations.  Projects can consist of any combination of the following five steps.

Supplier Identification

  • Develop Ideal Supplier Profile
  • Identify and vet potential suppliers

Supplier Qualification

  • Select sites and coordinate visits
  • Conduct on-site supplier qualification visits


  • Compile quoting package/cost breakdowns
  • Issue RFQs and analyze quotes

Sourcing Negotiation

  • Support the sourcing board approval process
  • Provide guidance to negotiate commercial terms


  • Manager suppliers through the launch process
  • Support customers for new supplier onboarding

APD operates as an extension of your purchasing organization.  Every step of the way, the APD project team will seek input and approval, with weekly meetings and written updates to keep stakeholders informed.  Drawing on a vast library of sourcing and costing tools, the APD team has a track record of efficiently executing Mexico sourcing projects.

Case Study 

A specialty chassis manufacturer needed to quickly identify fabrication suppliers based in Mexico to validate for replacing a non-performing supplier.  Within 3 weeks, APD vetted 7 capable suppliers and provided detailed information to the client.  Steps included:

  1. Interviewed client stakeholders to determine specific attributes desired from fabrication suppliers
  2. Identified more than a dozen potential suppliers to vet, and selected 7 to research based on client feedback
  3. Conducted 7 supplier interviews in Spanish
  4. Summarized supplier attributes, rated red/yellow/green per client criteria

If you have any questions or would like to learn more please email: mwynn@apurchasingd.com