Resins – Automotive Interiors Supplier

Mark L.

Director of Commercial Finance and Purchasing

Tier 1 Automotive Interiors Supplier

North American Division of an automotive interiors supplier achieved 3% annual savings on their $12M/year managed resins spend


What were your expectations at the start of the resins savings project?

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When it came to resins . . . I was kind of doubtful that we would find much to be honest with you. Especially for us buying mostly poly pros, it’s really very commodity-based and you kind of think you’re already at the bottom of the pricing levels.


When did you realize we could deliver substantial savings?

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With the first win that we had I was pleasantly surprised and quickly realized that we were leaving more money on the table than I could’ve anticipated.


How would you describe the project’s success?

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At the end of the day, the end result was we saved a lot of money.  So that in itself tells me that the process is successful.  Excellent ROI, for sure.


Have there been lasting impacts from the project?

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I’ve actually carried that process through in a lot more than I do today.  I’ve been able to negotiate much better resin pricing, even moving forward.