Cost Knowledge Approach to Purchasing Stampings


Provide the knowledge and tools to effectively manage purchasing of stampings.  Learn how to develop, analyze and negotiate stamping quotations and build effective and efficient models to estimate costs, pricing, and key manufacturing metrics that determine costs.  


This course is intended for stamping purchasing teams that want to develop and use detailed cost breakdowns and should-be cost models to validate supplier pricing and costs.  It includes tools for developing stamping cost models based upon supplier quotes and/or physical part attributes as well as negotiation techniques to effectively use cost breakdowns and cost models in supplier pricing negotiations.    


Buyers, commodity managers, and purchasing managers involved in buying metal stampings 


After attending this course, attendees will be able to: 

  • Understand the key elements that stamping detailed cost breakdown formats need to incorporate that make understanding costs and building should-be models easy 
  • Build should-be stamping cost models based upon supplier detailed cost breakdowns and physical part attributes 
  • Use physical part attributes to build cost models and models to estimate machine tonnage requirements, cycle time and offal percentages 
  • Systematically analyze supplier quotes against cost models to identify specific cost reduction opportunities  
  • Successfully prepare for cost negotiations using should-be cost models 
  • Plan a strategic approach for specific negotiations that will lead to better results and more productive relationships 

Download a one page course summary HERE