Elevate Your Business Negotiation Prowess 

Negotiating is an important skill for everyone in business, but it’s an essential skill for buyers, purchasing managers, and business leaders.  Skills such as preparing for a negotiation, active listening, and applying the right negotiation tactics for the situation are fundamental to basic success.   Skills that give negotiators an advantage are more advanced – the ability to tailor communication. 

The most effective negotiators tailor their communications to their counterparties and the situation.  They understand different behavioral styles and are able to quickly adjust their communications accordingly.  They easily recognize and counteract manipulation tactics.  Most importantly, they are able to rapidly diagnose difficult situations and diffuse conflicts to create a positive atmosphere while achieving their negotiation goals.   

Skilled negotiators who have the ability to adapt their behavior and communication bring many benefits, including: 

  • Accelerate Deal Closures: When you communicate in a way that resonates with your negotiating partners, you expedite the negotiation process. Say farewell to prolonged talks and achieve faster, favorable outcomes. 
  • Forge Long-Lasting Relationships: Trust is the bedrock of successful negotiations. As you uncover the motivations and priorities of others, you establish authentic connections and build trust that produces fruitful relationships. 
  • Master Conflict Resolution: Challenges are inevitable, but armed with your knowledge of your counterparty’s conflict resolution tendencies, you navigate disagreements deftly. This paves the way for win-win solutions that leave everyone satisfied and propel negotiations forward.
  • Foster Collaborative Environments: Effective communication serves as a bridge that connects differing viewpoints. By engaging in open, empathetic dialogue, you cultivate a collaborative atmosphere that encourages the sharing of ideas and breeds win-win situations. 

APD will be announcing a new Advanced Negotiations program in the coming weeks.  Watch your in-box and let us know if you are interested in learning more about improving skills to adapt communications for better negotiations.

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