Embracing the cloud: The time is now for manufacturing

Back in January, Manufacturing Leadership Journal posted predictions for the manufacturing industry in 2015. Among the list of trends, one item in particular stood out to us: “The rise of cloud-based supply chains.”

Now, with the first half of 2015 behind us, we couldn’t agree more.

Cloud-based solutions have become increasingly more attractive to manufacturers, and for good reason. With benefits like real-time status reports, fast and minimally disruptive technology updates, greater transparency into each step of the manufacturing process, and anywhere access from nearly any device – including smartphones and tablets – it’s a smart fit for manufacturing’s global reach and 24/7 nature, particularly in the automotive industry.

And at a time when the next generation is expecting greater collaboration and technology integration, it’s become clear that the cloud is where all aspects of manufacturing will soon be thriving.

At Advanced Purchasing Dynamics, our goal is to help purchasing organizations make smarter business decisions through greater cost savings – but pricing is just the beginning. Through our fact-based, data-driven approach, we’re using the cloud to move purchasing organizations beyond price and into more collaborative supplier relationships – helping them build a supply base that assumes a lower level of risk and a higher satisfaction level among suppliers.

ProcureForce is the first of our unique cloud-based solutions to better connect processes, data and people. By providing a window into suppliers’ costing structures, purchasing organizations can now have a more productive dialogue to ensure they’re achieving the best cost quotes and optimizing all cost drivers, as well as better identifying opportunities based on changing market conditions.

Our goal from day one has been to help purchasing professionals know when to make the right moves to help their organizations thrive…and through the cloud, that time is now.

Contact us today to learn how ProcureForce and the APD Cloud can help move your organization-supplier relationship from costing basics to robust collaboration.

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