Improving Purchasing Performance with AI? 

ChatGPT Harvard Study

Data from a Harvard study of 758 management consultants, some of whom were given ChatGPT (control group was not), showed double-digit improvements in the quality of work produced and task completion speed.   

Here’s an infographic from our Supercharging Purchasing Productivity with AI to get you started. It has proven prompts for 9 common purchasing tasks, most of which can be done for free. If you don’t have a paid subscription to ChatGPT, Gemini, or Claude, use these free AI chatbots: 

  • Summarize documents – Claude Sonnet 
  • Tailor communications – Claude Sonnet 
  • Identify all supplier products – Google Gemini Pro 
  • Writing RFXs – any will do 
  • Project future material needs – sorry, no free versions support Excel uploads 
  • Extract key points from an email – Claude Sonnet 
  • Develop category strategies – any will do 
  • Write a tactful email – any will do 
  • Predict negotiation styles – any  will do

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