APD Cloud

Built by Purchasing, Specialized for Manufacturing

APD Cloud solutions move purchasing organizations beyond price to collaborative supplier relationships. We have built a knowledge-based approach to purchasing, which is unique in the industry and applauded by industry leaders. The APD Cloud enables our clients to develop a supply base that delivers value and quality, on time, at the right cost.

Companies using the APD Cloud experience:

  • High levels of cost savings
  • Increased supplier collaboration
  • More cost transparency
  • Lower levels of risk from materials


ProcureForce is a knowledge-based cloud solution that connects suppliers to the manufacturing enterprise. ProcureForce gives purchasing a direct look into supplier’s cost structures, enabling organizations to work collaboratively to understand and optimize cost drivers.

Variance as a Service (VaaS)

Typically, buyers receive detailed cost breakdowns, analyze the current transaction, and then set them aside. Over time, a mountain of cost breakdowns is built. We use VaaS to review this mountain of historical data to find best costs, spot inconsistencies and perform GAP analysis, empowering buyers to achieve savings.

Benchmarking as a Service (BaaS)

We have developed more than 850 Open Book Cost Models based upon actual costs and shop floor audits.  BaaS applies this expert knowledge to your mountain of historical data, allowing you to benchmark your costs and pricing.  The result is the optimal benchmark of supplier quotations and current pricing.

Transparency as a Service (TaaS)

We provide buyers with an analysis of every supplier quote against the VaaS or BaaS standards without disruption while improving quoting cycle times.  Additionally, we aggregate information and report progress on key performance indicators for your supply chain.