Press Release December 3rd, 2019

Advanced Purchasing Dynamics (APD) Announces the Most Impactful Training Ever Assembled for Cost Management Certification 

APD’s 4-month development program is designed to provide purchasing professionals with costing skills to support knowledge-based negotiations

Plymouth, Mich. – December 3, 2019 – Advanced Purchasing Dynamics, the leader in cost management and purchasing development, today announced the most impactful 4-month buyer development program ever assembled. The Cost Management Certification program is designed to provide purchasing professionals with the knowledge, skills and take-away tools required to understand and achieve should-be direct material costs.

The program, which kicks-off in January 2020, ties together essential costing knowledge with cutting-edge purchasing concepts for buyers seeking to make a company impact on cost savings. The curriculum is broken up into monthly topics and combines on-site training with web-based tutorials and a certification test after each topic. The topics include: 

Month 1: Constructing Effective Market Tests – Understanding Costs & Effective Use of Cost Breakdowns 

Month 2: Building and Using Price and Cost Models

Month 3: Validating Optimal Costs 

Month 4: Conducting Effective, Knowledge-Based Negotiations 

“This 4-month development program is the culmination of APD’s 15 years of training and consulting,” stated APD Founder, Jeoff Burris. “Now more than ever, a buyer’s knowledge of costing becomes very important to the success of organizations as they seek cost savings and knowledge-based negotiations with suppliers. By combining costing and purchasing concepts together, this development program changes the way purchasing organizations function and elevates the effectiveness of buyers.” 

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About Advanced Purchasing Dynamics 

Founded in 2004 by Jeoff Burris to feed his passion for understanding costs and working collaboratively with suppliers, APD has a 15-year history of helping clients find answers to the four fundamental cost questions:

  • What does it cost?
  • What should it cost?
  • What is the plan to close the gap?
  • What is the plan to reduce the should-be cost? 

Jeoff has been joined by Managing Partners Michael Betz and Wolfgang Greil who bring a wealth of costing, AI and machine learning experience to the APD team. 

Together, Jeoff, Mike and Wolfgang are plotting the course for Purchasing 4.0 where vast sums of cost and pricing data are leveraged with AI and machine learning to provide predictive cost and pricing analytics. 

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