A Strategy to Evolve Digital Transformation in Purchasing

Purchasing Departments are accelerating Digital Transformation efforts in 2022 to escape the pitfalls of conducting business with excel, eliminate the clutter, organize their data, and ultimately become more efficient. Given the last 2 years with COVID, Digital Transformation in purchasing has become an essential hot topic, however in 2022 there’s a new twist: Purchasing Departments are not seeking quantum transformational leaps, rather they are opting for small incremental steps that deliver immediate value to the company.

In this webinar we shared what leading companies are doing to evolve their Digital Transformation in Purchasing by highlighting Advanced Purchasing Dynamics Building Block implementation methodology. This is a result based incremental approach to evolving digital transformation – delivering ROI to customers every step of the way. Rather than drowning in an all-encompassing supply chain implementation, Advanced Purchasing Dynamics technology is designed to implement pieces of the solution that resolve critical issues purchasing departments are facing today. This approach benefits companies regardless of company size.

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