Procurement Negotiations

APD resources to learn about excellence in manufacturing buy/sell negotiations.

Blog Articles

The Importance of Maintaining Composure in a Negotiation – 5/8/24 
The Importance of Maintaining Composure in a Negotiation.

Four Phases of a Successful Strategic Sourcing Project – 4/24/24 
Phases of an efficient strategic sourcing project that delivers results.

5 Tips for More Productive Negotiations – 3/18/24 
Five tips from behavioral science that will make you a more successful negotiator. 

6 Steps to Develop a Dynamic Negotiation Culture – 2/13/24 
Establish a negotiation culture that will significantly enhance organizational cost efficiency, supplier relations, and overall profitability. 

Negotiating in a Global Purchasing Environment – 8/16/23 
Tips to navigate the complexities of negotiating in a global world. 

Elevate Your Business Negotiation Prowess – 8/2/23 
Benefits of adapting communications for better negotiations. 

The First Step for Negotiating Better Resin Prices – 4/12/23 
Learn the tools to identify the resins that should be price lower. 

Getting Past the Hard No in Negotiations – 2/8/23 
Key actions to unstick a negotiation when things gets stalled or stalemated.

On-Demand Webinars

Creating an Effective Negotiating Culture in Your Team 
Learn the essential practices leaders employ when they want to create a consistent negotiation culture that improves their team’s skill and knowledge and leads to better negotiation results. 

Adapting Communications for Better Negotiations 
Learn what is Behavioral Science, why purchasing professionals should care, and how buyers and sellers can use behavioral science to improve their negotiations. 

Negotiation Strategies for Economics Claw Back 
Learn the successful planning and negotiation strategies that purchasing organizations and buyers implementing claw back price increase granted in times of inflation. 

Overcoming Objections & Intransigence in Negotiations 
Learn why buy/sell negotiations get stalled and how to get them moving again 

Online Training Programs

Cost Management Certification 
Focuses on identifying, analyzing, and negotiating better pricing with suppliers. Participants complete a course project that delivers real-time value applying the methods taught in the course. 

Strategic Negotiation 
Negotiation skills training that addresses the types of negotiations most often encountered in manufacturing buy/sell negotiations: initial sourcing, design changes, economics requests and annual cost reductions. 

Advanced Negotiation Course 
Building on fundamental negotiation strategies and tactics, this program focuses on proven techniques to foster more productive communications for better negotiation outcomes.

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