Strategic Cost Reduction 

APD resources to learn about strategic sourcing, reducing costs, and implementing sourcing strategies.

Blog Articles

Achieving Cost Savings in 2024: Advanced Purchasing Strategies – 12/6/24 
Processes buyers are using to achieve savings while they build their skills in APD’s Cost Management Certification course. 

Cost Savings Insights from Manufacturing Leaders  – 9/27/24 
Summary of lessons shared by a dozen leaders from manufacturing companies from a variety of industries during APD executive roundtables. 

Time to Take a Closer Look at Indirect Savings – 6/7/23 
Examples for impressive cost savings on MRO and corrugated packaging. 

Finding Untapped Savings Opportunities – 4/19/23 
Questions you should be asking that will help you identify which commodities have a savings potential. 

The First Step for Negotiating Better Resin Prices – 4/12/23 
Tools to identify specific materials that should be priced lower. 

Strategic Sourcing Corrugated Packaging – 2/1/23 
Three areas buyers typically need to work on reduce “knowledge gaps” to successfully run a strategic sourcing process for corrugated packaging. 

What’s Your 2023 Savings Plan? – 1/4/23 
Cost savings plans from manufacturing purchasing leaders shared at an APD Executive Roundtable.

On-Demand Webinars

Quick and Effective Savings Hacks: 5 Key Strategies from APD’s Expert Consultants
Learn simple and impactful strategies for driving significant cost reductions and efficiency gains. 

Reducing Costs While Improving Value 
Learn three key steps to improving value while delivering savings on purchased materials and services. 

Delivering on Strategic Sourcing 
Learn the critical success factors for a successful strategic sourcing project that quickly deliver cost savings while ensuring supply and aligning supplier capabilities with the needs of the organization. 

Saving on Indirect Spend 
Learn key points for achieving savings in three “commodity” areas of indirect spend where we’ve had the greatest success: factory supplies, packaging, and freight. 

Reducing Corrugated Packaging Costs 
Learn best practices for conducting a market test of corrugated packaging, as well as lessons learned from a recently completed strategic sourcing project. 

5 Critical Processes for a Successful Cost Year 
Learn what leading companies are doing to recover lost during the Covid crisis. 

Strategies to Mitigate Supplier Price Increase 
Learn 5 mitigating strategies for dealing with supplier price increase requests. 

5 Cost Reduction Successes from Cost Management Certification Participants 
Learn how attendees from the Cost Management Certification Program have achieved amazing results from their course projects.

Online Training Programs

Cost Management Certification 
Focuses on identifying, analyzing, and negotiating better pricing with suppliers. Participants complete a course project that delivers real-time value applying the methods taught in the course. 

Optimal Sourcing Workshop 
A hands-on workshop combining training in APD’s straightforward Optimal Sourcing process with a real-world market test to quickly optimize your company’s commodity buy for direct materials or indirect spend.

Strategic Sourcing 101 
This short 2-hour course focuses on aligning your supply base with the needs of your organization, a critical component in a successful strategic sourcing effort.

Consulting Services 

Optimal Sourcing 
Establish supply strategies based on best sourcing practices and align with suppliers with competitive costs, superior technology, established quality, and reliable capacity. 

Cost Engineering 
Achieve lower prices by understanding supplier cost drivers and validate supplier quotes with predictive pricing models.