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Understanding Resin Prices

A buyer’s guide to fact-based resin price negotiations

Building Knowledge-Based Estimation Models

“How much will it cost?” may be the most frequently asked question by purchasing professionals.
Sales may want to deliver a quick quotation to the customer; engineering may want to present design change options to the customer or finance may want to evaluate a potential change. Oftentimes, there is no time to go to the suppliers to obtain an answer.

This paper presents the methodology for building cost estimation models from supplier cost and
process information obtained from supplier quotes.

Building Attribute-based Estimation Models

Proven methods for estimating costs of purchased components and services.

A Strategy to Evolve Digital Transformation in Purchasing

Purchasing Departments are accelerating Digital Transformation efforts in 2022 to escape the pitfalls of conducting business with excel, eliminate the clutter, organize their data, and ultimately become more efficient. Given the last 2 years with COVID, Digital Transformation in purchasing has become an essential hot topic, however in 2022 there’s a new twist: Purchasing Departments are not seeking quantum transformational leaps, rather they are opting for small incremental steps that deliver immediate value to the company.

In these slides from our webinar we will share what leading companies are doing to evolve their Digital Transformation in Purchasing by highlighting Advanced Purchasing Dynamics Building Block implementation methodology. This is a result based incremental approach to evolving digital transformation – delivering ROI to customers every step of the way. Rather than drowning in an all-encompassing supply chain implementation, Advanced Purchasing Dynamics technology is designed to implement pieces of the solution that resolve critical issues purchasing departments are facing today. This approach benefits companies regardless of company size.

Restarting the Supply Chain While Achieving Your Strategic Goals: A Quick Start Guide to Navigating Covid-19 Issues

This Quick Start Guide is designed to provide insights into managing an all-consuming urgent activity – a supply chain restart. This will require resources and attention for the remainder of the year and beyond. All of this while purchasing departments will be required to achieve important purchasing strategies and company objectives needed to succeed in the long-term.

This approach benefits companies regardless of company size.

Does your Purchasing Group Have a Seat at the Big Table?

Approximately 70% of all manufacturing companies’ revenue is spent with third party suppliers.  The importance of the strategic management of that spend, across the entire purchasing lifecycle, cannot be overstated in terms of its impact on an organization’s financial success.

But despite that imperative, do we, as purchasing leaders and professionals, have a seat at the big table?

A Cost Management and Digital Transformation Strategy for Buying Organizations

The global economy is undergoing a Digital Transformation at a record pace. Connected data, departments, companies and industries are driving transformation to use the latest technologies to do things better.

Optimal Cost Validation Program

The Optimal Cost Validation (OCV) program is based upon AI and Machine Learning and provides companies with detailed analysis of supplier quotes against best-in-class Optimal Cost Models. At the heart of OCV is manufacturing shop floor knowledge and data developed from 15 years of consulting experience.

The Road to Should-Be Costs Part 2

In our previous paper, The Road to Should be Costs, we provided an overview of some different types of should be cost methods each of which can provide estimates. In this paper we discuss what we believe are best practices in approaching negotiations with suppliers.

The Road to Should-Be Costs Part 1

This white paper describes should-be costing methods we have seen used effectively in manufacturing. Download to learn proven methods for predicting costs for new business pursuits and design optimization, as well as negotiating pricing with suppliers.

Step-By-Step Guide for Using Physical Part Attributes to Create Excel Based Should-Be Cost Models

An easy-to-use guide for developing and applying cost tables, linear price models, and multivariate regression models.

Metrics that Matter: How to Drive Bottom Line Value through Metrics

Jeoff Burris explains the three types of metrics and how to translate into bottom line value for purchasing organizations.

Winning the Talent War

Are you building a top performing purchasing team . .  or just scrambling to fill opening?  Learn what purchasing professionals want in their next job – and in their current position.

Purchasing Can Have It All

This report sheds light on how to implement collaborative cost programs that deliver results, improve alignment and provide the bottom line results CEO’s are seeking from their Purchasing Organizations.

The Key to Relevancy: Building Alignment with your C-Suite

In this report, we explain how to align with the C-Suite, Stakeholders and Suppliers to create the bottom-line value that your executives expect to be generated from their purchasing group.

Does Your Partner Negotiate Competitively or Collaboratively?

In this report, we explore what specific types of cost models are being used, and how they are being applied, by 10 automotive OEMs and 9 large Tier 1’s.

What CEOs Want from Purchasing Leaders – and Aren’t Getting

Founder and Principal, Jeoff Burris, investigates what CEOs desire from purchasing leaders and how to help minimize the gap.

Top Mistakes Suppliers Make When Developing Customer Quotations

In the past 10 years APD has analyzed thousands of supplier quotations on behalf of our clients. We utilize our deep cost experience and our proven analysis technology to identify cost opportunities and ensure that supplier pricing is cost based, not market based.
In this white paper we identify:
• the top 10 mistakes supplier quotation mistakes we have encountered,
• their impact on supplier profitability and buyer pricing,
• how suppliers can avoid the mistakes,
• how buyers can spot them.

Can Purchasing Deliver without Buyer Cost Objectives?

At the recent CAR Management Briefing Seminar, some major manufacturing companies told the public they were eliminating buyer cost objectives. Read about how Jeoff Burris, Founder and Principal of Advanced Purchasing Dynamics reacted.

Moving Beyond Price

As a recognized thought leader in the manufacturing and purchasing arenas, Jeoff Burris, Founder and Principal of Advanced Purchasing Dynamics, enlightens readers on aligning commodity strategies with a company’s vision.