Strategic Negotiation Training

Skills to Negotiate Better Results and Build Relationships


Are you looking to upgrade your own or your team’s negotiation skills to start achieving cost savings and better results in 2024?

APD’s accelerated Strategic Negotiation training program will get you and your team past the finish line by year’s end!

Program starts December 4th.

  • 3 live online modules completed by mid-December.
  • On-demand videos reviewing critical tools and techniques.
  • Take away implementation tools to assess and develop action plans to improve buyer and seller company, product/commodity, and personal power.
  • Procurement skills training to prepare for competitive and collaborative negotiations for initial sourcing, design changes and economic price adjustments.

Gain a competitive edge in supplier negotiations. Enroll now and become a negotiation pro!

Strategic Negotiation Online

Achieve more when negotiating with customers and suppliers. Get detailed negotiations planning guides.