APD Training

Purchasing Skills Training – Build skills that directly link to purchasing performance & earn continuing education hours

Since our founding in 2004, APD has been using our training programs to share the expertise, tools, and techniques we leverage in our consulting practice. In addition to in-person training and virtual courses (including online live sessions coupled with on-demand videos), we offer customer-specific programs for companies that want to host training tailored for their teams.

Our standard courses include: 

  • Cost Management Certification – Focuses on identifying, analyzing, and negotiating better pricing with suppliers. Participants complete a course project that delivers real-time value applying the methods taught in the course. (Online Course) (US In-Person Training)
  • Strategic Negotiation – Negotiation skills training that addresses the types of negotiations most often encountered in manufacturing buy/sell negotiations: initial sourcing, design changes, economics requests and annual cost reductions. (Online Course)
  • Advanced Negotiation Course – Building on fundamental negotiation strategies and tactics, this program focuses on proven techniques to foster more productive communications for better negotiation outcomes. (Online course) (In-person training)
  • Commodity Leadership Certification – Commodity management course providing knowledge, skills and take-away tools to build and implement effective commodity strategies. (Online Course)
  • AI Chatbots for Purchasing – Quickly learn to use AI chatbots to boost your productivity in this 2-hour live online course. Participants will walk away with 150+ examples relevant to common purchasing tasks. (Online course)
  • ChatGPT for Purchasing Data Analytics – Quickly learn to use ChatGPT 4 to supercharge data analysis in Excel in this 2-hour live online course. Participants will walk away with example prompts and a data file to practice using them. (Online Course)
  • Negotiation Communication Skills – On-demand online course with 1 hour of content, including presentations, handouts, and exercises to apply key concepts. (Learn More)
  • Strategic Sourcing Workshop – A hands-on workshop combining training in APD’s straightforward Strategic Sourcing process with a real-world market test to quickly optimize your company’s commodity buy for direct materials or indirect spend. (Click here for more information) 

Complete this linked contact form for information on customized approaches for customers wanting to develop a specific program for their groups, either virtual or on-site.

Case study 

The CPO of a global automotive supplier came to us because his teams were having trouble implementing global commodity strategies. APD assessed the strategies that averaged over 25 pages each and lacked basic strategy elements. Based upon the review we asked the client if the business unit leaders were questioning the value purchasing was delivering to their organizations. He confirmed they were. APD developed and conducted training that helped the buyers tie their efforts to the visions for the business units with clear metrics and concise action plans. As a result. the teams prospered and leadership became believers in the process.