Buyer Skill Development – Build skills that directly link to purchasing performance

Since our founding in 2004, APD has been using our training programs to share the expertise, tools, and techniques we leverage in our consulting practice. Covid restrictions required us to move to on-line live sessions, coupled with on-demand videos and excel based take away tools all delivered on our learning platform.  The platform enables participants access materials at times most advantageous to them, repeat key lessons and track their progress. In short, our training customers have been enthusiastic about the changes and the results they have generated for their teams. 

During 2020 over 200 purchasing, sales and engineering professional learned new techniques, and methods to improve performance. 

Our current courses include: 

  • Cost Management Certification – 32 hours of content delivered in a 4-month program that has been providing purchasing and sales professionals, engineers and others impacted by the costs for purchased materials with the knowledge, skills and take-away tools required to understand and achieve should-be material costs. (Click here for more information) 
  • On-line Strategic Negotiations – 16 hours of negotiation training delivered in a 4-week program and covers the types of negotiations most often encountered in manufacturing buy/sell negotiations:  initial sourcing, design changes, economics requests and annual cost reductions.  (Click here for more information) 
  • Commodity Leadership Certification – 4-month development program designed to provide purchasing professionals with the knowledge, skills and take-away tools required to align suppliers and their resources to the strategic direction of their companies. (Click here for more information) 

We also offer customized approaches to training for customers wanting to develop a specific program for their groups. For more information complete this linked contact form. 

Case study 

The CPO of a global automotive supplier came to us because his teams were having trouble implementing global commodity strategies.  APD assessed the strategies that averaged over 25 pages each and lacked basic strategy elements.  Based upon the review we asked the client if the business unit leaders were questioning the value purchasing was delivering to their organizations.  He confirmed they were.  APD developed and conducted training that helped the buyers tie their efforts to the visions for the business units with clear metrics and concise action plans.  As a result. the teams prospered and leadership became believers in the process.