Certified Purchasing Cost Management Professional

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Certified Purchasing Cost Management Professionals have completed APD’s 4-month certification program designed to provide purchasing professionals with the knowledge, skills and take-away tools required to understand and achieve should-be direct material costs.

The program provides a new look at Purchasing 101 foundations while accelerating individuals to Purchasing 4.0 where data is leveraged with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to move to optimal pricing, should-be costs and predictive cost modeling.

Course materials are based upon the processes, techniques and real-world insights gained during APD’s 16 year in-the-industry experience helping clients identify, analyze, and negotiate better supplier pricing.

Certified Purchasing Cost Management Professionals have learned processes and obtained take away tools that enable them to:

  • Conduct best practice sourcing events/construct effective market tests for new and existing business
  • Understand manufacturing costs
  • Evaluate supplier pricing with or without supplier cost breakdowns
  • Build different types of cost models to estimate pricing on new programs and to evaluate supplier quotes
  • Use a cost models and supplier quote history to develop probability pricing
  • Choose the right cost methods and models for their commodities
  • Conduct effective knowledge-based negotiations to obtain cost transparency and move pricing towards optimal
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities with detailed cost breakdowns and cost models
  • Respond rapidly to sales and engineering cost inquiries
  • Calculate the impact of manufacturing inflation and currency on cross border purchases
  • Evaluate the total cost of maintaining a supplier relationship