Cost Modeling 101

July 25th, 2024

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This course provides proven methods and templates for developing cost models for direct and indirect materials. Cost models can be developed from supplier quotes already received or market testing done going forward. 

Training is a 2-hour live online course that provides the knowledge and take away tools to develop cost catalogs and cost models. Topics include:   

  • Uses and benefits of cost models 
  • Types of cost models 
  • Developing cost catalogs 
  • Developing and using cost models to validate supplier quotes: 
    • Linear regression models 
    • Multivariable regression models 
    • Feedstock cost models 
  • Using cost catalogs and cost models to predict supplier prices

Course Materials

Participants receive a workbook with cost catalog and cost model templates, as well as a recorded video of the training session and presentation slides.

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