Effective Strategies and Analysis for Buying Capital Equipment

Your goal is to effectively manage your capital equipment spend. The solution is our Effective Strategies and Analysis for Buying Capital Equipment course.

Capital equipment costs can be a significant portion of new part quotations to the customer. The effectiveness of managing these costs is paramount to your company’s financial success.

Through a hands-on workshop approach, participants will:

  • Understand strategic approaches to the procurement of capital equipment.
  • Get hands-on use of segmentation methods to categorize and manage your capital equipment and suppliers.
  • Learn effective price-management tools including States of Work (SOW).
  • Learn how to complete a financial analysis to optimize price and value in a capital equipment sourcing decision.
  • Acquire negotiation techniques to use with capital equipment suppliers.

Attendees receive 8 professional Continuing Education Units.

Optimize your performance. Maximize your cost management.  Succeed in today’s environment.

Accomplish all three by joining us for APD’s skill development course.