Strategic Negotiation Program In-Person (Hosted by Mubea Group)

April 11th, 2024 | Auburn Hills, MI

Intended for purchasing and sales professionals, this course is for teams that negotiate pricing and terms with suppliers and customers.

It includes tools for both planning and conducting the most common negotiations in manufacturing companies. 

After attending this course, attendees will be able to:  

  • Recognize competitive and collaborative negotiations and apply preferred approaches to maximize results from each  
  • Effectively implement countermeasures for common competitive negotiating tactics  
  • Implement proven approaches for successful collaborative negotiations  
  • Handle conflicts to achieve mutual gain  
  • Successfully prepare for common buy/sell negotiations including:  
    • Initial sourcing 
    • Design changes 
    • Cost changes due to economics 
  • Use collaborative negotiation tools and techniques within their own companies to achieve short and long-term goals while building effective cross-functional relationships  
  • Set SMART goals for negotiations that maximize results  

“I attended the Strategic Negotiation program with my team, so we can use the same terminology and level the skill-set in the department.  I am very pleased with the results and have already seen my team using their new skills in negotiations.” 

Purchasing Director of over $2B manufacturing company

For more information please contact Denise Mattern:


Cell: (734)718-7172