Strategic Negotiation Program

Your goal is to achieve more from negotiations with customers, suppliers and co-workers while increasing collaboration. The solution is found in our On-line Strategic Negotiation Program.

The Program’s effective learning and skill development is achieved through vivid examples, relevant case studies, and reinforcing take-away tools. We provide the methods to hone your negotiation skills, achieve better results and build more productive relationships. 

In the Program, participants: 

  • Learn the processes that maximize results from both the collaborative and competitive negotiation models 
  • Learn to recognize and counter specific competitive tactics 
  • Understand how to build relationships while capitalizing on results using a collaborative negotiation process 
  • Receive detailed negotiation planning guides to achieve better negotiation results 
  • Leave with thorough implementation tools for the most common buy/sell manufacturing company negotiations: 
    • Initial sourcing 
    • Design changes 
    • Economic price increase requests 

“I attended the Strategic Negotiation program with my team, so we can use the same terminology and level the skill-set in the department.  I am very pleased with the results and have already seen my team using their new skills in negotiations.” 

Purchasing Director of over $2B manufacturing company

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