Strategic Sourcing 101 Course

June 19th, 2024

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This course focuses on aligning your supply base with the needs of your organization, a critical component in a successful strategic sourcing effort. Done correctly, these steps will set the foundation for running an effective market test and improving supplier relationships.

Training is a 2-hour live online course on planning for a successful strategic sourcing initiative. Topics include:

  • Objectives of a Strategic Sourcing Initiative
  • 4 phases of effective strategic sourcing
  • 6 key components to prepare for a market test
  • 8 planning activities to assess the current state and create a go-forward strategy
  • Deep dive into four key planning tools:
    • Commodity overview
    • Stakeholder interview guide
    • Ideal supplier profile
    • Commodity objectives & alignment

Course Materials  

Participants receive a workbook with templates and examples of key planning tools, as well as a recorded video and presentation slides.

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