Fast-Track Savings Workshop

Build skills and apply them to implement $200k – $500k savings

This hands-on workshop is intended for teams of up to six people. It combines online training in APD’s straightforward Fast-Track Savings 7-step process with a real-world market test to quickly implement savings on a target commodity. Participants receive private coaching from APD’s experienced Consultants, Cost Engineers, and Commodity Experts to achieve savings. Participants receive a Certification in Fast-Track Savings upon successful completion of required training modules and their Fast-Track Savings project.

After attending the course, participants will be able to:

  • Engage stakeholders to identify unmet needs and current pain points
  • Develop commodity objectives and ideal supplier profiles
  • Conduct market tests to drive maximum savings
  • Quickly implement cost reductions

Participants will also complete a Fast-Track Savings project that delivers:

  • Savings on existing spend
  • Action plan for future savings
  • Improved alignment with company and stakeholder objectives

If you are interested in registering, email Mike Wynn:

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