Understanding and Negotiating Supplier Pricing and Costs

Your goal is to control and reduce costs of purchased materials. The solution is our Understanding and Managing Supplier Pricing and Costs training.

Since 2004 APD has been working with clients on a consulting basis helping them understand and reduce material costs. We have taken our consulting tools and developed training materials that provide the knowledge required to implement proactive, data-driven cost and pricing management by:

  • Providing buyers with the knowledge required to assess which commodities can benefit from cost-based tools, like detailed cost breakdowns, which are effectively managed by price-based tools, including e-auctions and multi-round bidding.
  • Understanding the how to collaboratively negotiate with suppliers to close the gap between current and should-be pricing.
  • Improving the benefits of supplier detailed cost breakdowns by providing:
    • A fundamental understanding of manufacturing cost accounting methods and the knowledge necessary to dissect and analyze supplier detailed cost breakdowns.
    • Insights and analysis tools to ensure that suppliers are quoting openly and honestly by gaining insights into where to look for cost reduction opportunities.
    • Specific case studies and detailed check sheets designed to seamlessly integrate into your day-to-day work.
    • Effective strategies to obtain complete and detailed cost breakdowns from suppliers.
  • Increasing the effectiveness in finding current production savings, managing cost of design changes, and developing future product pricing.