Transparency as a Service (TaaS)

Collecting data behind the scenes to meet key purchasing objectives

Using TaaS, the Purchasing Authority analyzes every supplier quotation against the VaaS or BaaS standards without disruption, while improving quoting cycle times.  Additionally, we aggregate information and report progress on key performance indicators for your supply chain.  Using TaaS, we centralize cost and performance data for ongoing analysis and optimization.

Monitor Supplier RFP Activity – We review all quoting activity related to the parts identified for the spend, including RFQs sent to the supplier and supplier quote responses. All activity is integrated into Excel for ease of review.

Gather/Cleanse/Format/Consolidate and Analyze Data – We collect volume data to calculate annual savings.

Generate RFQ Financial Evaluation and Report – We identify and consolidate savings opportunities. TaaS provides a program-by-program view of costs and identifies causes of price changes in client-defined categories.