Trends in Purchasing/Procurement: Collaboration

It’s a question our purchasing and procurement experts are hearing more and more:

How are world-class manufacturing enterprises eliminating waste and reducing costs in their supply chains?

The answer can be found in one word: collaboration.

Getting to the Heart of Collaboration

When manufacturers can establish trust and set up high-level channels of communication with their suppliers, that’s where true collaboration begins. The ultimate goal is getting the supplier and customer to communicate about cost, quality and delivery.

But how can you create a truly collaborative relationship throughout the entire manufacturing process? What does collaboration mean?

It means transparency in the purchasing spend, plus knowing how “should be” costs will be developed

It means sharing scheduling of demand events and communicating strategic plans.

It means leveraging automation and communication portals to understand procurement needs and processes.

And finally, it means good relationships to foster problem solving and drive efficiencies.

Achieving True Business Value through Collaboration

At APD, the Purchasing Authority,we believe that a transparent, highly professional and collaborative approach to procurement brings not only substantial financial rewards, but also allows informed people to operate in a thriving environment.

The results of this innovative and multi-faceted approach are decreased costs, better decision-making and improved bottom lines.

Collaborative partnering with suppliers plus precise cost engineering is the foundation of the APD business model. (Read more about how APD, the Purchasing Authority,, provides services and solutions to streamline all components of your purchasing and procurement processes.)

In 2015, we fully expect this trend of collaboration to grow and expand.

Now only one question remains: Does your organization place a premium on supply chain collaboration?

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