Understanding Resin Prices – On Demand

Learn the most important resin price drivers you need to understand to effectively negotiate savings on the resins you buy.

Most buyers are at a disadvantage when negotiating with resin suppliers for several reasons. First, resin producers do not share their cost structures or formulations. Consequently, buyers find it very difficult to apply the fact-based price negotiations that work well for other commodities, and are left with positional bargaining techniques.

Unfortunately, the second reason resin buyers are at a disadvantage is that they lack the power dynamics for effective positional bargaining! Resin suppliers typically have large, diverse customer bases so no one customer is significant. Also, most resin customers find it very expensive and time consuming to change resins.

In this webinar we discussed the most important factors that drive resin prices and how to add to your knowledge base for more effective resin price negotiations.

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