When Software Revisions Are More Than Just a Number

We see it all the time: Software release 2.3 is replaced by release 2.4, with new and better functionality.

Our ProcureForce flagship cloud solution is no different. We’ve been making lots of changes over time to make it easier for our customers to use…but frankly, we haven’t felt the need to rename our software and give it a new release number every time we’ve upgraded it.

Part of that is due to the nature of cloud computing. All customers access the same version of the software, in real time, and we instantly incorporate all upgrades into the software. No costly additional purchases for the most recent version, no disruptions, no delays, no version control.

However, one of our customers recently saw a demo of our latest ProcureForce software version. His response: “These changes are huge! You need to ratchet up the release number.”

So we’ve gone straight past versions 2, 3, even 4 and headed to the top.

Introducing ProcureForce 9.0

In ProcureForce 9.0 suppliers are directly connected to the manufacturing enterprise, giving purchasing a more direct look into a supplier’s cost structures, enabling collaboration and optimizing cost drivers.

We’ve improved ProcureForce 9.0 in many other important ways, including:

  • An enhanced user interface, which is now compatible with all mobile devices – making the information easier to use and access, anytime from anywhere.
  • Improved integration with Excel spreadsheets, expanding analytics and giving you more ways to analyze the data to make strategic decisions.
  • A better overall structure so future upgrade rollouts will be quicker and easier.

See why we ratcheted up the number to 9.0 and learn what ProcureForce 9.0 can do for your enterprise.

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