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5 Ways to Increase Your Group’s Savings in 2016

This presentation-style white paper walks you through 5 ways to increase your group’s savings for the upcoming year.

The Power of Frictionless Procurement

Learn about procurement mega trends from a recent study conducted by Advanced Purchasing Dynamics, and how they translate into the power of frictionless procurement.

Moving Beyond Price

As a recognized thought leader in the manufacturing and purchasing arenas, Jeoff Burris, Founder and Principal of Advanced Purchasing Dynamics, enlightens readers on aligning commodity strategies with a company’s vision.

Things I Learned from Offshoring

Hear about the lessons Jim Price, Vice President of Service Delivery and Optimization, learned from business process offshoring, which are applicable to any enterprise.

Can Purchasing Deliver without Buyer Cost Objectives?

At the recent CAR Management Briefing Seminar, some major manufacturing companies told the public they were eliminating buyer cost objectives. Read about how Jeoff Burris, Founder and Principal of Advanced Purchasing Dynamics reacted.

Supply Chain Implications of Automotive Market Disruptions

This paper summarizes the trends caused by the ongoing market disruption that started in 2009 and explores the impact to the tiered supply chain that supports the industry. It does this by looking at the structure of the industry before the recession (2006), at the present time (2016) and in the future (2022).