Restarting the Supply Chain While Achieving Your Strategic Goals

Restarting the supply chain will be tricky – it won’t be as easy as just turning on the light switch.  These are unprecedented and uncertain times, especially in the automotive supply chain where economists have predicted:

  • Recovery is Not V-shaped
    • Long and drawn out: 12-18 months
  • OEM Volumes: 17 Million in North America will not Happen
    • Slowly comes back to 14-15 million
  • Supplier/OEM Bankruptcies and Consolidations
  • Delayed Program Launches

This Quick Start Guide is designed to provide insights into managing an all-consuming urgent activity – a supply chain restart.  This will require resources and attention for the remainder of the year and beyond.  All of this while purchasing departments will be required to achieve important purchasing strategies and company objectives needed to succeed in the long-term.

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