Risk Mitigation for Zombie Companies

Large numbers of manufacturers will have to gorge on debt to rebuild inventories and pay wages.  Many will become zombie companies, leveraged to the point of not being able to service their debt obligations.  Click here to read the Bloomberg article.

Zombie companies present a clear risk to supply chains.  Proactive identification and rapid corrective action to address zombie companies should be part of a supply chain Risk Mitigation Program.

The Covid-19 supply chain impact will be greater than the ‘08/’09 financial crisis which over the next three years spawned many supplier zombie companies, and  supplier quality and production issues.  APD’s team successfully led OE and Tier 1 purchasing teams though the ‘08/’09 financial crisis.  They called on their vast experience to develop 4 imperatives for navigating the current crisis that and stepped plan for achieving them.  

Join us for an insightful webinar at 9 am on June 11 when the team will review:

1) Proactive Risk Mitigation – using key indicators to identify potential issues

2) Supply Chain Stabilization – providing preventative and corrective actions

3) Strategic Plan Achievement – supporting evolving needs of the company

4) Future-Proof the Supply Chain – resulting in stronger, more aligned suppliers​​

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