Who’s Nearshoring Their Supply Base?

mexico nearshoring manufacturing | Advanced Purchasing Dynamics

We’re often asked what industries are having success finding capable suppliers in Mexico and for which commodities. The answer is not a short one! 

We looked through our projects from the past two years and found that we’ve helped manufacturers ranging from agriculture equipment producers to automotive suppliers to electrical component manufacturers identify capable Mexican suppliers for over 20 commodities. Each company described the specific attributes they were looking for in a supplier, and APD found and interviewed potential suppliers to identify a short list that matched their criteria.

The attributes in each company’s Ideal Supplier Profile varied according to their needs. A few examples of areas that need to fit a specific profile include: 

  • The manufacturing process capabilities 
  • Experience with specific materials 
  • Quality performance/certification 
  • Industry experience 
  • Factory locations 
  • Minimum order lead times 

Here are some examples of industries and commodities where we found capable suppliers with the capacity to support the client’s production needs: 

  • Aluminum castings for a brake system supplier 
  • Aluminum die castings for an audio equipment manufacturer 
  • Aluminum extrusions for a light truck aftermarket supplier 
  • Coatings for an automotive supplier 
  • Copper tubes for a heat exchanger manufacturer 
  • Fabrications for a commercial truck manufacturer 
  • Forgings for an industrial equipment manufacturer 
  • Heavy weldments for an agriculture equipment producer 
  • Injection moldings for an industrial sensors manufacturer 
  • Insert moldings for an automotive supplier 
  • Machined parts for a motorcycle supplier 
  • Metal hardware for a residential shower door supplier 
  • Stampings for an automotive supplier 
  • Turned parts for an aviation supplier 

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