Why I Joined APD: To Help Manufacturing Firms Make Purchasing a Competitive Advantage

I have been fortunate to work across many industries in my career, but the core of my purchasing education came from the automotive industry. Successful automotive OEM’s and component manufacturers have high performing Purchasing teams at their core. Strong purchasing is mission critical, and for the companies that do it right, Purchasing becomes a competitive advantage. I care deeply about helping organizations elevate the role of Purchasing, and realize the spectrum of benefits that strategic Purchasing can bring.

The West Region of the US has always been an active manufacturing region, with California and Texas alone representing 25% of manufacturing output in the United States. The Western US is gaining even greater importance in the United States’ manufacturing footprint with significant in-region investments being made in developing disruptive and transformational next generation technologies.

However, this investment and growth has created problems. How do companies access the deep domain knowledge necessary to continue this upward trajectory at an affordable price? More than anything else, strong purchasing performance is driven by people. Companies are finding it harder and harder to attract the people they need, and this threatens to have a material impact on the growth of next generation manufacturing technologies in the West.
It is a problem that I am passionate about solving.

I believe the answer can be found in the new delivery model opportunities that the as-a-service economy is creating. Companies of all sizes can now access the subject matter expertise, market intelligence, tools and technologies needed to move their business forward, but that were previously out of reach. Even better, these benefits are now available on-demand.

However, with opportunity comes complexity. For a company to enjoy the benefits of these delivery models and make Purchasing a competitive advantage, they need a subject matter expert and trusted advisor by their side. This is why I joined the team at APD.

APD has been helping manufacturing companies in the Midwest elevate their purchasing capabilities while delivering material bottom line savings since 2004. They have done this by providing a suite of products and services that help manufacturers reduce cost while improving supplier performance – from cost engineering to outsourcing, placement to software, consulting to bespoke training.

I believe that APD are very well positioned to help manufacturing companies across the Western US take advantage of the benefits the as-a-service economy provides. APD is able to provide access to the subject matter expertise, market data, tools and technologies needed to make Purchasing a competitive advantage. This is true whether a client wants to drive Purchasing transformation, or if they have very specific gaps in their existing infrastructure that need to be plugged.

For this reason, I am excited to join the team at APD, and lead our West Region expansion. I am looking forward to helping clients lever APD’s capabilities, and to building solutions that are unique to the needs of companies in the West Region.

To discuss how APD can help you with your Purchasing goals, please contact me at communications@apurchasingd.com.

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